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The Innovative Schools Project (ISP) was started in Swanville in 2019. Our board of directors includes 9 active community members who are also parents of current or former students at Swanville School.

Since our board began, we have funded over $60,000 in grants for projects that are not covered under the school budget. Each year we continue to fund projects due to the amazing support of our community.

This is a local program, all funds are raised locally and all funds stay local in our Swanville School District. This program is available due to generous community members and some matching grants.

Please consider helping us keep this program funded to support our teachers and students.  More information how to contribute can be found under the "Donate Here" tab.
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Teresa Giese

Board Member - President

Teresa is a parent of elementary & middle school students in the Swanville School District. Teresa has been on the ISP Board since it's inception in 2019.

Mandy Barber

Board Member - Secretary

Mandy is a parent of 2 high school students in the Swanville School District. Mandy has been on the ISP Board since it's inception in 2019.

Bill Johnson

Board Member

Bill is a parent of 2 high school students in the Swanville School District. Bill has been on the ISP Board since it's inception in 2019.

Royal Loven

Board Member

Royal is a community member & former parent of students in the Swanville School District.

Brittney Jordan

Board Member - Treasurer

Brittney is a community member and parent of a future Swanville School student.

Brittany Johnson

Board Member - Vice President

Brittany has 3 students in the Swanville School District, 2 in elementary and 1 in junior high.

Travis Hensch

Board Member

Travis is the Superintendent at Swanville School. He and his wife have two grown children.

Michaela Allen

Board Member

Michaela is a local community member within the Swanville School District. Michaela joined the ISP Board in 2023.

Stacy Jackson

Board Member

Stacy is a parent of a current and a former student of the Swanvile School District. Stacy joined the ISP Board in 2023.

This is a partial list that is always expanding.

MacBook Pros & Adobe Photoshop Suite

4 Macbook Pros & Photoshop software for the Graphic Design class in the High School. Students will be able to learn how to use photoshop, design electronically, work on the yearbook, and be on the same track as students from other schools.

Dyslexia Learning Software

We have funded several grant requests for Dyslexia learning software to help our students with learning challenges be able to succeed and excel with their reading programs. This includes headphones with smart pens, vocabulary enhancer programs, etc.

Stylus Pens for iPads

Students were struggling writing on the iPads so several classrooms have requested grants to have stylus pens to help students be able to write as they would on paper with their iPads.

Flexible Seating

Some of our High School & Elementary classrooms have requested flexible seating desks so students can stand, move, fidget, etc. while in class, helping with their concentration and being able to move while still staying focused.

Interactive Smart Board

This Interactive Smartboard was purchased to be able to do interactive learning where students can actually write on the board as they are learning/completing the learning session

15 PCs & CAD Software

In the Spring 2023 a new CAD class will be introduced in the Swanville School so that students can learn CAD software, how to design 3D images, and build off the designs they create.

Microphone & Speakers

We have funded numerous requests for microphones and speakers for classrooms to assist students being able to hear teachers when providing lessons and also for students to be able to speak in front of their peers loudly enough for all to hear.

Sensory Tools

Many sensory tools have been supplied for the elementary classes to help students be engaged.

Disc Golf Course

Swanville ISP has helped fund an 18 hole disc golf course on the Swanville School property. Construction of this project will start in Spring 2023 with the help of other generous grants.

Weight Room Items

Our weight room appeared to be behind on items needed to help students reach their full potential when learning about their health and how to achieve a healthy lifestyle so funding was provided to help achieve this goal.

Organization & Math/Social Studies Curriculum Items

Several classrooms needed funding to help bring organization into their classrooms to help students succeed. Along with bringing in more math & social studies curriculum.

Care Closet

All of our students need to feel they have what they need to succeed. With this comes the care closet where students can get some of the hygiene products needed as one less thing they need to worry about. This is an awesome addition to our school & for our students success.

Coffee Cart

Our Special Education program is introducing a coffee cart program in Swanville. Our Special Education students will sell products to our faculty to learn the skills of navigating the workforce once they graduate. This will help them to gain stronger people skills, business skills, and overall communication skills to excel at whatever they choose to pursue.

Osmos Learning Devices & Software

Students in special education in Swanville currently have limited resources in regards to special education curriculums and these devices would be used in a way that would allow students to work on basic reading, math, and writing skills in a engaging way.

STEM Projects

Having a STEM classroom is new to Swanville this year. Funding is helping to bring STEM curriculum to the classroom for our elementary students.

Math/Literacy/Science Projects/Curriculum

Funding is bringing innovative/fun Math/Literacy/Science projects/curriculum into our classrooms in the elementary school.

Digital Art Devices

Our digital art/graphic design students do not currently have access to the relevant digital art equipment to achieve their desired outcome.

A few of our awesome testimonials

How can I donate?

HERE’S WHERE YOU COME IN…Funding for these projects is received from the annual Swanville Carnival shirt fundraiser, our annual letters to community members asking to help support our cause, and from a matching grant we receive. Without your amazing support, our projects that help our students have new and innovative projects would not be able to continue.

The more money we raise the more money we are able to award within the school. Any donation made is greatly appreciated, tax deductible, & put to good use. Please consider donating to the Innovative School Project.

Ways to donate:

By Mail
ISP Committee Chair
10575 Basil Road
Swanville MN 56382.
Checks written to "Swanville Innovative Schools Project"

Through Paypal
ISP Paypal Donation Link

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All staff at Swanville school may complete an application for their specific innovative request that will help their students grow & succeed in their elementary and/or high school career. The application is then submitted to the ISP Board, who then reviews all applications to determine if the request will help our students succeed beyond opportunities currently available to them.

Application forms will be sent out when each grant application process is open, or the application can be located here: Application Link